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Beautiful crag with a real gem: Snövitt 7a
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Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

The right part of the crag is on a private plot (all routes to the right of Snövitt). The plot owner still allows climbing on the part of the wall that lies on their plot when they are not down by the wall / lawn.

In order to maintain the landowner's accepting attitude to climbing it is therefore important that everyone helps with the following:
Follow the described approach.
Absolutely do not take a shortcut and cross private plots.
Do not stay further out on the lawn than necessary (boat dock are of course also big a big no-no).
Stay as close to the wall as possible.
Do not shout and keep a low profile.
Bring all the rubbish you see.

On weekdays during the day, there is probably the least "risk" that the landowners are down by the crag.

Drottningholmsvägen (road 261) towards Ekerö. Pass Ekerö center and follow the road for a couple of km. Turn right at the Älvnäs sign. Follow Älvnäsvägen until the end. Park immediately to the right after the bus stop. Walk up Talgoxevägen and follow it over the hill. Continue for about 50 meters and and turn left onto a piece of public land. Go right (west) along the crag until the steepness decreases and you can climb down. Traces of an old fence can be seen. Aim for a fairly large juniper tree (enträd) when climbing down. It is a bit tricky, but works quite well if the rock is dry. when you come down a bit you turn back around the crag and follow various vague paths about 40 meters to the wall.

Public transport:
Bus 305 from Brommaplan to Älvnäs (it's very close to the parking).
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