The climbing in Badami does not only look amazing, it also is.
The climbing is on stunning orange sandstone walls.

Currently there are about 150 routes in badami, ranging from 3 to 8b+, but there is potential for new hard routes too.

Badami is a great place to visit on a (climbing) trip through India. Ganesha Waddar, author of the topos and will be very happy to show you around. If you want to get in touch with Ganesha, you can find his contacts on the website.

Once in India, Badami is well connected by rail and road transport.
You'll find detailed information on how to get there in the Access section.


Badami is a small town in Bagalkot District of Karnataka state of India with a population of 32000 (in 2016). Badami, a capital city during the Chalukyan era in 6th century, is a renowned tourist destination in Karnataka because of its Cave Temples. Mesmerizing natural landscapes, rocky terrain, intricate carvings in cave temples, vibrant life in the older core of the settlement lends the place a unique character.

Apart from the thrilling rock climbing, Badami showcases the origin of temple architecture of India. The cave temples of Badami being the most famous and followed by Bhootanatha group of temples and sculptures around the Agastya theertha tank, North and south forts, sidilpada prehistoric rock painting site, the vibrant life in the historic town of Badami. The world heritage site of Pattadakal is 18km from Badami.

Routes on Badami
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