⚠️ Permission for bouldering on Bor: ⚠️

On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, a measure of a general nature came into force, by which the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area Administration gave its consent to the operation of bouldering in the Bor locality in the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area, until the end of 2025.

The area where bouldering is allowed is marked in red in the map above. Blue hatched areas are protection zones of the water source, where entry is prohibited. The boundaries of the territory will be marked in the field.

The following conditions are set for bouldering:

- bouldering is allowed all year round
- climbing is only possible on dry rocks and in daylight

- treat the surface of the rocks
- dry the surface of the rocks (eg with a burner)
- interfere with the vegetation cover of the rocks
- place marks on the rocks (without the prior consent of the OP)
- mass, organized events are not allowed

Bor has the usual principles of decent and gentle behavior in nature and, moreover, respecting the boundaries of the protection zone of the water source, where entry is prohibited. If you find bird nesting in the locality, please inform the chairman of the Regional Top Commission and the rock administrator via our database of rocks, or directly the PLA administration. You can find contacts at OVK for individual sectors, eg here: Garrone

Thank you to everyone who respects the set conditions. 👍👍👍
B. Valentová, ČHS

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⚠️ Suggestions from Borovinka team (maintainers of Bor topo):

1. Respect the boundaries of the protection zone of the water source. 💧
2. Keep it clean. Take your trash with you. 🚯
3. Avoid damage to the wildlife and vegetation. 🌲
4. Do not change the surface of the rocks in any way for the purpose of adjusting holds or steps. 🚫
5. Do not climb on wet rocks or in humid conditions. 🌧️
6. Do not try to dry wet holds with hot water or torch, burner etc. 🔥
7. Remove your tick marks and chalk from the rock after climbing. ↩️
8. Be quiet. Try not to shout too much in the woods. 🤬
9. Do not stash your crashpads for ever. FYI: our planet has enough plastic already, there is NO NEED to feed animals with polyurethane and polyethylene foam. 💚

💰💰💰 supporting this crag as Premium you are supporting local Children's Home 🧸🧸🧸 in Broumov 🇨🇿 💗💗💗


Bor area is a part of Stołowe Mountains. The range is formed of sandstone and presents plated structure with sheer mountain ledges. First developers started to brush problems around 2006. The area is famous for its king line. On the best boulder in the crag, in the best place of that boulder is the hardest and the most impressive problem of the crag: Zlaty Drak 🐉 ~8B (SD ~8B+) - a truly world class problem opened by 🇨🇿 crusher - Martin Stráník. Overall during the years dozens of climbers have contributed to the development of this beautiful place.

Bouldering in the Bor represents a combination of technique and power. It is less technical compared to Fontainebleau and definitely more powerful 💪💪🏾💪🏿 Friction is better as the granularity of the small sandstone particles is bigger. The best conditions are during windy days with humidity around 40-50%. Mind to check the most accurate weather forecast 🌦️ for Machov, Náchod District, Královéhradecký kraj (Czech Republic), elevation 478 m on 💖

The area offers a lot for climbers on different levels. You can start your session with multiple warm-up problems, so that you can later progress with your desired problem.

As always the most recommended problems are the most popular ones.
Please find recommended list with boulders below:

🟠 6A - 6A+
- Recyklace, Akademia Pana Mecha, Mechoskop bez hrany, Popolejzák, Prolejzák, Dionaea Muscipul, Atair, Černá Vdova
- Miňonky A Káva, Lichá, Rozlejzák, Complex, Smekáček, Opičí Hory

🟢 6B - 6B+
- Fitnes, Mysterium, Běh Na 100m SD, Vlčí Kožich, Z Řáholeckého Lesa, Přelejzák, Proč Neemigrovat,
Velkooběmový Kontejnér, Sudá
- Ruská Ruleta, Šmejk Ples, Moucha Na Skle, Hulk, Pohádkový Traverz, Na Ostří Nože

🔵 6C - 6C+
- Angelina Jolie, Dárce Orgánů, Ladička, Cobol, Mechometr, Krvavý Záda, Mechovinian, Tučnej Bůček, Beach Boys Right
- Jennifer Aniston, Olaf Ludwig, Utopenec, The Shit is Bad, Kozi pribeh, Manta Direct, Johny Cage, 11 Přikázání, Medovina, Mechotronik

🔴 7A - 7A+
- Adr Fitnes, Beach Boys, Brad Pitt, Magické Oko, Panorama, Climax, Luciferův Bič, Čurda, Sokoban, Cobol SD
- Kluk Ze Záhrobí, Mech Manuva, Tuplák, Čičparáda, Autostopem do Bellinzony, Surströmming, Mečovka

🟣 7B - 7B+
- Poemex, Faraonuv Hrob, Fata Organa, Medovina SD, Dr House, Mech Času, Mechno
- Mistr Šach - Pata, Core Dump, Adr Fitnes SD, Saladin, Opat, Godzilla

⚫ 7C - 7C+
- King Kong, Magma, Zjizvená Tvář, Poklad Nibelungů, Josip Mech-Tito,
- Programix, Djembe SD, King Lines, Pověsti Staré Prahy, 5 Minut Před Smrtí

⚪ 8A - 8A+
- Elektra, Daredevil, Dr House SD, Medailon, Puroresu
- Lucha Libre, Merkin SD, Panthenol

💪💪🏾💪🏿 King lines:
- Joker 8B
- Zlaty Drak SD 8B+

Good luck 🤞🏿🤞🏾🤞

Routes on Bor
1090 boulder
Premium topo by Borovinka
Bernard Michalek
from posen, poland
Kuba Okrojek
from null
Wojtek Komada
from Pasterka

The area is access sensitive!

⚠️ See description section in order to learn more about rules for legal bouldering in Bor. ⚠️

Bor bouldering crag lies in Sudety mountains in Czechia on the north slope of Błędne Skały mountain. To the east from Czech town Hronov and to the north from Polish town Kudowa-Zdrój.

🅟 🚗 [driving]
For the shortest approach path choose parking space on the Polish part of the border. You can get there by driving from the town of Kudowa-Zdrój: take a turn in the town center to Aleja Jana Pawła II street and go to Czermna village. Stick to the main road. You will be going along Tadeusza Kościuszki street for 5 km all the way up to Pstrążna village and then take a first turn to the right to Bukowina. After a few sharp turns going up you will see a big building which is a hospital for children. 100 meters further, on the right side of the road, you will find a small parking place.

A green hiking trail to Błędne Skały starts here, walk it up to the border (600 meters, it takes around 20 minutes). Now on the Czech side of the border you can see the first rocks to climb (Celnice, Koktejl).

⚠️ Do not camp nor stay overnight in the parking place!
⚠️ Do not climb on the Polish side of the border! There is a National Park and climbing is strictly forbidden.

Other options:
1. Parking place in the village of Machov in Czechia. From there you will have to walk along the blue hiking trail all the way up to Bor bouldering crag (2km, it takes around 1 hour).

2. Parking place Błędne Skały - Poland: Drive from Kudowa-Zdrój with the road 387 in the direction of Karłów village. After 6 km of winding road there will be a big parking place in the forest on the right side of the road. From this area you can still drive closer to Bor by turning left to Błędne Skały (eng. Errant Rocks) which is a big tourist attraction and the parking there is paid during a summer season (15 pln - around 4 euro).