Routes on Plantation Crack

20 boulder

Activities on this crag

Plantation Crack

Climbing has been limited!

The rocks are on private land and the area beneath the crag has been replanted following felling a few years ago. The newly forming wood is used for shooting and other sporting activities and permission to climb should be sought from Mr Stuart Barrett of Braisty Wood Farm.

The arrangements have changed since the publication of the YG Guide.


1 – Ring on 07837863653 and ask for permission – Mr Barrett is very happy for people to climb but there will be times when commercial activities will mean it is best not to.
2 – If there is no answer (unlikely) leave a mobile phone number.
3 – It would help for you to leave a note with a mobile number in the car window in case people turn up to use the land after you have started climbing.

The usual courtesies apply – please keep noise down, no large groups and no dogs unless on a lead and with permission.

There is parking on the road verge below the crag. Enter by the gate and follow a track to the crag.