No special access issues

Park at Upper Burbage Bridge on Ringinglow Road, approximately 5km west of the outskirts of Sheffield. There is ample parking both before and after the bridge, but even so, spaces can be at a premium on fine sunny weekends. From the eastern section of the parking area pass through a gate and follow a wide grassy track, the ‘Green Drive’, heading down the valley. The first buttresses are situated a few metres above the track, little over a minute from the parking area, but the Green Drive gradually angles away from the crag (by the time it runs below the final buttresses of the edge it is some 150m distant) and various side-paths lead up through the bracken to individual areas. A path also runs along the top of the edge and for climbers going directly to the far end of the crag this is the best alternative (10-12 minutes from P).
Note: Ring Ouzels often nest in some areas of Burbage North during the early summer, leading to the closure of certain buttresses between May 1st and July 31st. At such times, wooden signposts are erected to indicate which parts of the cliff are out of bounds. Please adhere to these restrictions in full.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email