Cuvier Châtillon / Merveille / Petit Rempart
A loved one has many names and there is a good reason for it. But having 2 guides of basically the same area that might one day grow completely together makes no sense. So we have combined this area to make it more usable in the forest.

The area features some WORLD CLASS CLASSICS. La Merveille is a must for the strong and technical climber, but besides this extremely beautiful climb, you can find plenty in all grades all around.

From the parking of cuvier you walk in to the area in less than 15 minutes, on a straight road. The area stretches over two small hills, but it's fairly easy to navigate between the rocks. It's not a labyrinth in any means.

As for almost all areas around cuvier, it's recommendable to download the guide for offline usage. The reception can be very bad lower down, even if you can usually get a okay 4G signal up on the hills.

Maybe one of the areas to go for on a busy weekend, most people end up in the first areas closest to the parking.