Holidays in Eden thumbnail
Mr Magister thumbnail
Mr Magister
8a Sport at Main Wall
Mio thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Main Wall
Diana thumbnail
6c Sport at Main Wall
Tio tigrar thumbnail
Tio tigrar
7c Sport at Main Wall
Asers Arête thumbnail
Asers Arête
6c Sport at Main Wall
Dragos thumbnail
7c Sport at Main Wall
Devil thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Main Wall
Diana direkt thumbnail
Diana direkt
7b Sport at Main Wall
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Fantomen thumbnail
7c Sport at Main Wall
Gelatinerad sperma thumbnail
Utan Neuroleptika thumbnail
Utan Neuroleptika
7a Partially bolted at Right Wall
Liten Psykiatrisk undersokning thumbnail
En byrå underifrån thumbnail
En byrå underifrån
5 Traditional at Main Wall
Adios stupido thumbnail
Adios stupido
6a+ Traditional at Main Wall
Skriet från vildmarken thumbnail
Indianerna kommer thumbnail
En skänk från ovan thumbnail
En skänk från ovan
6a Traditional at Main Wall
Trygghet utan grund thumbnail
Trygghet utan grund
5+ Partially bolted at Main Wall
Inget för pygméer thumbnail
Magnus led thumbnail
Magnus led
6b+ Traditional at Main Wall
Rex thumbnail
6c+ Partially bolted at Main Wall
Guran thumbnail
7a Sport at Main Wall
Hero thumbnail
7c+ Sport at Main Wall
Den vassa eggen thumbnail
Höstrusk thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Right Wall
Den stygga björken thumbnail
Trans thumbnail
6c Traditional at Right Wall
Savate thumbnail
6c+ Traditional at Right Wall
Loppet är kört thumbnail
Loppet är kört
7a+ Partially bolted at Right Wall
PO47 thumbnail
6b Traditional at Right Wall
Sjuk thumbnail
6c Partially bolted at Right Wall
Släktmiddagsångest thumbnail
Ahlgrens bilar thumbnail
Gammelgäddan thumbnail
6a+ Sport at Main Wall
Ahlgrens pygmeer thumbnail
Monkey Business thumbnail
Monkey Business
6a+ Traditional at Right Wall
Den vandrande vålnaden thumbnail
Vingel thumbnail
6b Partially bolted at Main Wall
No monkey business thumbnail
No monkey business
5+ Traditional at Right Wall
Inget för pygméer (To the anchor under the roof) thumbnail
Mr Walker thumbnail
Mr Walker
7c Sport at Main Wall
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Guran indirekt
7b Sport
Diana direkt In To Eden thumbnail

The area is access sensitive!

Road directions:
From road 229 follow Breviksvägen 7 km out on Tyresö peninsula. Turn right onto Öringhamnsvägen (signposted Dyvik). Follow this 1.5 km and turn right downhill Dyviksuddsvägen. Below the hill on the right side lies the small lake and the crag. A parking space is available after the next curve, at Dyviksuddsklippan. Parking will be full quickly, park tightly. Then walk back on the same road you came and walk halfway up the hill. Turn left onto a path at a small electrical cabinet on the left side of the road. Follow the path down and away to the right, about 150 m.

Under no circumstances should you park in meeting places, private parking, or along the way! If the parking is full then you can use the same parking as for Uddeuddberget. There is also an alternative parking at Sandholmarna nature reserve (marked on the map).

Public transportation:
Bus to Ällmora or Mossvägen and then about 30 to 45 min walk. The bus to Ällmora runs seasonally. Buses to Mossvägen run regularly.

Dödskalleberget is located within Dyvik lövängars nature reserve and it is not allowed to drill holes and place bolts.
It is not allowed to camp for longer than twenty four hours or at a different location than the western part of Sandängen. Please bring all your (and others) garbage with you when you leave.