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El Corral

Climbing has been limited!

⛔️ No climbing from 1 March to 30 September due to nesting birds. ⚠️🦅

⛔️ Only approach as described below, from north. Do not approach the crag directly from the road below. The cliff is on private land and the landowner owns the property directly below.
⛔️ Climbing on the west side of El Corral (large orange crag) is strictly forbidden.

💡 Up to date information on the restrictions due to nesting birds: (in Spanish 🇪🇸)

🚘 From El Chorro village drive towards Valle de Abdalajis and at about 3km turn left at the green sign "Sendero Sierra de Huma". Drive until you see a parking lot on the right side of the road, after a house. 🅿️ Same parking as for the Rocabella crag.

🚶 Approach to El Corral is to be done from the back side (north) by passing Sector Rocabella. (See map for trail.) From the parking, head towards Rocabella, but before reaching the cliff, head to the right for a small path that leads through the woods. The path will start to climb upwards and you should soon be able to see the upper part of El Corral.