No special access issues

CapeNature Areas (Public land). Daily R60, weekly R200 and monthly R750 permits for climbing. Permits can be bought online through but it is recommended that you buy them on site at for example De Pakhuys, Traveller's Rest or Clan Williams tourist office. The permits are not limited so they will not run out.

You approach Fields of Joy parking as you were going to Plateau. Before Plateau though (after crossing the river and turning to left) you take a right before some bigger trees on the way. Drive on the left side of the field, close any gates you go through and park your car to the clearing. The total approach from the asphalt road to the parking is 2.2km.

From the parking, the approach is little bit over 250 meters and should take between 5-10mins. The path is well cairned and it has been updated (in 2018) to be more easily followed.

When you come up, the first boulder you'll encounter will be The Kiesl boulder,


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email