Franchard Meyer is a small and compact area "far" from the more famous ones. It has though everything from easy very good climbs to really hard world class problems. The approach can be done from the parking of Isatis or the parking of Gorge du houx.
There is also an oldschool D+ circuit with the red color circulating the area with 26 problems. Some of which are maybe not climbed for ages. The grade of the circuit is more in the blue scale of modern circuits.
For a busy weekend this can be just the right place to head out to. It's located just between Ermitage and Cuisiniere so it's easy to combine with some more known problems.
The area is located on top of a hill and approaches between boulders are not always easy, so probably not a great place for a stroller. But kids will probably find a lot of small boulders and caves to play around in.

Though there are some reception at the area, it's recommendable to download the guide for offline use.