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Grands Malades

The area is access sensitive!

As for all Belgian climbing sites, you must be a member of Club Alpin Belge or KBF if you are living in Belgium. If you are living in another country and just stay some days in Belgium, you must be a member of your national climbing federation (NKBV, FFME, FFCAM, DAV, OAV, BMC, ....) and covered by liability insurance. The main reason is that in Belgium CAB and KBF are each year paying rent to the different owners of the climbing sites and that is paid with the yearly contribution of the members.

🚗 Access : see photo
most climbers will arrive from the highway E 411 Brussels-Luxembourg, exit 14 direction Namur.
Then halfway the descent, take right direction Jambes the directly after the curve at the end of the bridge take right direction Hannut, coming on the main road you just left but in the opposite direction. Less than 100 m on this main road, stay on the right side (beware for cars coming from the bridge) and turn right toward the BELISOL shop. Take the earth-track right of Belisol, open the gate and park inside ONLY on the small parking place LEFT of the track. If no space available, turn around and park outside near BELISOL (NOT in BELISOL private parking) taking care not to disturb residents.
The woods facing the cliffs are "out of bounds", they are no toilets on the site. Take your precautions before coming for climbing ;-)

🚶‍♂️Access to the different sectors
From the parking, you have direct access to most of the north faces.
To access the upper part and the South-West face of Roche au Drapeau, you have to take the wooden stairs that are leading to a terrace of the sector Tintin and going around you join the SW face. For the South-East face, you just have to enter the cavity at the foot of the wooden stairs.
To access the South Face of Grande Muraille and the routes of Grande Béquille, you go to the East end of Grande Muraille and take the path going down (some stone-stairs) and follow the south face to the end where a stone stair enter a cavity, enter the cavity to arrive in the opening at the foot of the South Face of Roc des Singes and North Face of Grande Béquille.