Routes on Grönbrinksberget

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We like Grönbrinksberget

With the Cabin just Below the crag this is my home crag!
The best crack climbing in the Stockholm area.

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

In order to maintain a good relationship with landowners and residents in the area, the approach to the crag only takes place from above, either by descent or via the following descent. From the top of the crag; turn outwards and follow the edge of the cliff to the right. This turns further down into a wide, slightly sloping ledge. Continue until a final easy climbing passage takes you down to the ground.

Due to previous problems, it is very important to park only at the specified parking space and carefully follow the directions to the crag. Do not walk around the wall, over plots, or along the field edge below the wall to the crag. You always access the crag from above via a path through the woods. Read the directions carefully bellow. Also remember to park the car well to the side and not in the middle of the road junction. It is also good to keep a low profile and not shout att the crag because the sound is heard very clearly down to the houses that are diagonally below the rock wall.
To the left of the descent (climbers view), the crag continues with some smaller walls. These are located directly above the houses. Do not climb here.

Road 226 (Huddingevägen) to Vårsta. Turn left onto the 225. Turn right after about 12 km into Fitunavägen (signposted Fituna) and follow this 400 meter down the hill and turn left onto a gravel road (Ridvägen). Park after about 100 meters, at a crossroads with a leaning tree in the middle. Then walk the right slightly wider tractor road to the south. After 350 meters you continue straight ahead at a four-way cross. 150 meters later a road connects from the right, exactly here a small but visible path leads into the forest. Follow this path about 350 meter to the edge of the crag.

Public transportation:
Bus 783 between Östertälje - Nynäshamn. All buses also run from Tumba station with bus change in Vårsta center. Get off at Fitunavägen and then walk about 900 meters.