Hönö is a beautiful rocky island situated close to Gotherburg. It's one of the bigger climbing areas in Sweden with around 500 problems to explore.

There's a great variety of routes and especially vertical lines and slabs are well presented. Hönö offers a lot of easy routes to explore and many problems have good landings, making it a nice place for beginners and for those looking for a relaxed climbing day. There's also some harder lines available for those looking for challenge, and the rock type is granite rounded by the sea.

As there's barely any vegetation for shade, for hard climbing it's best to visit Hönö in spring and autumn. But if you don't mind a chill climbing day with sun, swimming and picnic, it's a great option also for warmer days. Thanks to the amount of sun and wind from the sea, the blocks in Hönö dry very fast.

As most boulders are easy to reach and the area is safe to play around, it's a very suitable area for families with kids.

Besides the bouldering, Hönö is an amazing island to visit even just for a walk. Don't forget your swimsuit!


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