Routes on Jolkby

141 boulder

We like Jolkby

A dozen decent routes and and still a few projects, a few superb routes. Tekno-Tiikeri is for sure worth a visit !
nice bouldering near Helsinki

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

Access on helppo max 20min kävely polkuja pitkin metsässä. Seuraa polkuja kiville topon trailejen mukaisesti niin löydät helposti perille. Tekno-tiikeri, Reservestenen ja Slab sektorit ovat noin 50-100m päässä asutuksesta, joten älkää metelöikö ja pitäkää alue siistinä.

Access to the boulders is by walking on pathways in the forest. Follow the trails on the topo and you will find the boulders easily. It takes about 20min to walk to the furthest boulders from the parking area. The Tekno-tiikeri, Reservestenen and Slab sector are about 50-100m from property so be quiet and keep the area clean.