Zillertal is one of the wildest valleys South of Inn in Tyrol and it is a great destination for climbing, thanks to the huge amount of bouldering and sport areas.
It is drained by the Ziller River and lies in the strongly glaciated Zillertal Alps. One can appreciate the view of the Tux Alps on the West, while the lower grass peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps on the East.
Among the other valleys in Tyrol, this one is the most visited by tourists and its largest settlement is Mayrhofen. What makes Zillertal one of the leading destinations in the Alps is its offer of a healthy mix of adventure, enjoyment and relaxation.

Talking about climbing, Zillertal is really something with its 50+ sport and bouldering sectors, collecting thousands of lines.
This topo focuses on Kaserler Alm, the sector with the most appreciated boulder problems of the entire valley.
The area suits every climber. Almost a hundred problems with a wide difficulty range, from 4 up to 8A, boulders of every dimension. Landings are generally good on flat meadows.
The rock is a mixed great granite / granite gneiss, featuring slopers and great crimps.
Boulders are spreaded on beautiful meadows and their access is easy and close to the main road. Families will have a great time here.
Climbing conditions are good during mid-seasons but also during the morning hours of Summer, thanks to the average altitude of the area of 1200 meter above sea level.

This sector will not disappoint you, please respect the area and take home your rubbish. Let’s keep this magical place clean!


Bouldering in Zillertal became really famous around year 2000. In 1997, Gerhard Horhager climbed in Kaserler Alm sector the first 8A boulder problem, Wenn Kuadreck Butter war, which lies on one of the highest boulders of the valley.