The Kern Canyon runs along the infamously deadly Kern River from Bakersfield up into the Southern Sierras. The problems in this topo are between Bakersfield and Kernville, mostly along the river. The boulders are spread out. Some are near the road and others aren't. The trails are overgrown a bit and the chalk washed off by the Spring rains. But for the adventurous spirit, there are some damn fine lines out here, and a hell of a lot of untapped potential. Enjoy, and if you have any questions or put up something new you would like added here, please feel free to send the Kern Canyon Developers a message. You can report new ascents through the 27 Crags website.

Season: Fall to Spring. It get's blazing hot in the summer.
Approaches: 1 to 30 minutes
Dangers: The river - please be careful if climbing near or across the river. It kills people!! If the way across is not completely easy and obvious, that means the water is high. Don't cross! Poison Oak - while maybe not dangerous, really, it sure does suck. Mostly an issue in the spring. Leaves of three, leave me be!
Amenities: Bakersfield has everything you need, if you can stomach being there. Lake Isabella has most things you could need, and the air quality is better. Kernville is home to KRBC, some of the best beer you'll ever have. Just Outstanding is an outstanding IPA.

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