Routes on Killeri

75 boulder

We like Killeri

Kivi on raspia. Muuten laadukkaita ja helppoja lähestyä/löytää.
Käyty on. Lähestyminen helppo. Kenties vielä uudestaan jos muuten suunnalle sattuu.
One of the best spots near Tampere. Easy access.

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

NOTE! There is a forest working area at least in the west side sectors. They are blocking the climbing, probably until mid July. Prepare for a no-go. Send updates to Vertikaali if you know more.

Minimize your impact, leave no trace, leave no trash, be polite, use common sense and remember to enjoy your time at Killeri. All the common crag etiquette 101 applies to Killeri.