Laajasalon Uimaranta is a collection of boulders (mostly walls) at or nearby the, you guessed right, Laajsalo beach. It's a great place to visit with the family and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Hiki face, The Dog and Max' wall are located on the Southside of the beach. The boulders are quite shady, so they are a great venue for warmer days, so you can enjoy the beach and bouldering together. Don't clean/climb further to the left of Hiki face, you'll get too close to the house!

Rauni is located at the Laajasalo golf. It's home to 3 nice problems, all three definitely worth to be climbed, even if they are so diverse in grades.


Rauni was found and brushed by Jyrki in 2019. In March 2020 Tim continued digging mud out of the easy ones.

Hiki face was cleaned by Anssi K, Juho S, Hilla R and Kiipeilypiiri in 2019.

Max' Wall
Cleaned by Mikko P. Eero A. and Juho S and friends in 2018/2019

Pöllökivi an SUP were added by Seppo E. in 2023

Routes on Laajasalon Uimaranta
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Marko Kauko
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