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The area is access sensitive!

>>>Summer 2022 Update: Below described security issues still persist

>>>WARNING (22-10-2017) - Repeated Car Breaks on the Crag Parking-<<<
As of today there has been numerous cases of car breaks in the parking of the crag in the recent weeks. Police has been notified and action is being taken. But meanwhile it might be a safer choice to park to the nearby village of Trypi and walk the 6 km to the crag or take the local bus.
Parking next to Potami sector is OK if you climb at Potami sector but don't leave the car unattended!

From the town of Sparta drive following signs towards Mystras and the village of Trypi. After the village of Trypi drive for approximately 6,3 km till you see the sign “Climbing Park of Lagada”. The parking is a further 500m ahead on your left hand. Park here for sectors Aloni, Petsanes and Touritsa.

For sector Aloni and sector Petsanes cross the road on foot and get on footpath which goes uphill and leads you to sector Aloni on 2-3 min. For sector Petsanes continue from sector Aloni for another 2-10min to the various walls towards the big cave.

For sector Toulritsa start from the parking lot and continue on foot on the side of the road (direction towards Kalamata/ moving away from Spara). After 100m, find break on the wooden fence and continue downhill on footpath. Cross the riverbed to find the first routes.

For sector Stani drive a further 350m from the parking spot and park on open spot on the right side of the road right below the routes.

For sector Splithari (Potami) drive a further 350m from the parking spot and turn left on descending concrete road. The road is not visible from the asphalt, but you can recognise the spot by the wooden electricity poles right over it. At the end of the descent, the road pass near a goat pen. After that continue for another 200m until you see sector Splithari on your left.