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We like Magic Wood

Amazing area and no description does it justice.
Sehr lohnendes Sommer - Bouldergebiet in den Schweizer Alpen. Je mehr Crashpads, desto besser.
This is a medieval forest with amazing rock, routes and energy. The diner/climbing shop down the street is great. It's conveniently located up the hill from the 2nd bridge in the forest. So, once you're done climbing. Cross the bridge and go eat. Bodhi climbing shop also has pads that you can rent for 5-10 Swiss francs & guide books as well. The diner is open everyday but Wednesday. This little town is wonderful & the climbing is extraordinary. Clean up after yourself and help to keep this place magical.

Activities on this crag

Magic Wood

The area is access sensitive!

SLEEPING/CAMPING: Wild camping is forbidden. There's Bodhi camping area just before the village and Bodhi guest house at the Ausserferrera.

PARKING/ACCESS TO BOULDERS: There's two bridges. Lower goes from the Bodhi camping and upper one between the camping and Ausserferrera. There's big parking area next to the camping and very small one near the upper bridge.

BOULDERING AREA: Bouldering is allowed only on the marked area. Please check detailed map of the allowed area from the camping ground notice board or guide books.

LANDING: Many landings are rough. Often you'll need many crashpads and spotters.

GENERAL ACCESS INFORMATION: "To ALL the magic-hoppers… its even getting uglier and uglier. just too many people up there this summer. and like everywhere else with a lot of people the probability of getting some idiots there is rising and rising. some dont pay the camping, just camp “wild” in the wood, litter the place, agressive against the campgroundwarden, dont dare to say hello to anybody, no respect for nature, no respect for anything…. if the number of people (and the attached problems) are growing next year like it did this year, we have a good chance we will get serious problems with the local community and that everything will be shut down. SO its VERY important that IF you see BAD behaviour —> to tell te people that they are wrong. very often they just dont know it better cause they have no idea about living in and with nature at all!!!" (

Even in 2018 there are still problems with the local community. So stay on the parking lots, NO absolutely NO wild camping in the whole valley. Please pay parking or camping fee. Use Toilets on Bodhi Camp or Edelweiss Guesthouse. ( Stay on pathes. NO fires and NO Graffity (like 2017!!!) Use your brain!!

There will be a CLEAN UP DAY organized by Bodhi Climbing once a year which takes normaly place after the final world cup competition in munich. This Year on weekend 25/26 august 2018!! So help and be part of the game!