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We like North Mountain

Hueco Tanks used to be, based on the descriptions of yesteryear from old guys you encounter, some kind of a commune with a lawless, almost Slab City kind of vibe. Then in the 00's the rangers came in, cleared it up and locked down the whole place, so much so that there is now literally a Panopticon that a ranger sits in on a revolving office chair and tell you what to do using a bullhorn. Which is actually kind of great because the whole place was being destroyed before by dirty hippies and barbarians writing bad grafitti. Apart from the climbing which is amazing there is an awful lot to preserve here; Human and non-human cultures dating back millenia that one may wander round and look at, if and when one is not climbing. And the climbing is awesome, some of the best I have ever seen. We had a lot of fun here despite the proscriptive rules so yay fascism!
Amazing climbing.
Awesome place so much climbing and quality problems, yes there is a bunch of hoops and red tape but its a must to visit/hangout/live

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North Mountain

Climbing has been limited!

Only 70 people are allowed on the mountain each day. You can contact the state parks to make a reservation.

The Mushroom Boulder is closed.