A diverse sector with high quality boulders spread out over the field and cliff lines above.
The ghost of Oupoort is said to have created an unseen impassable barrier in the mountains, as no horse and hence no human would enter after dark. Modern reports tell of an attractive lady hitchhiker who caused drivers to crash their cars when her fine hair blew across their faces at a dangerous bend in the road.


The area is access sensitive!

The access is very easy.

Drive down towards Traveller's Rest. When you pass the crossroads for 8 day rain and start descending down the hill, turn right (very sharp turn, it's easier to drive by, turn the car around and approach from the other directon) down to the gravel road. Open the metal gate (and close it), drive the gravel road until it turns back towards the asphalt road.

Park and the sector is just before you. Approach by foot is like 1 minute.