Petit Bois
This is a small and compact area with extremely good rock quality. You can find something for everyone here, there are plenty of really nice and technical easy problems and a few very hard test pieces to try. The area is in a beautiful grove, hence very shady and a good choice for a sunny and warm day. The area is also located on the north side of the hill so it sees very little sun.

Some classics here:

Big Jim 6C - this is the real thing!!!
La Baleine 7A/+
Big Dragon 8A/+
La Fosse aux Ours 6A
Maracuja 7C
L'Œuf 7A+
Quelle Conque 5+

and many more. The circuits are not at the moment of making of the .Premium doable, some problems in every circuit are mossy. Pictures taken 4/2018. But many of the blue's, Red's and Black's problems are high class.

The area is also very family friendly.


Most of the problems are put up by Bernard Théret around 1998, all together he cleaned and opened over a three year time around 250 lines.