Rocher de la Reine
Just 100m further than Drei Zinnen, a very quiet and fast drying area with a big amount of font classic lines in many grade ranges. There are something for everyone in this area, there goes a Yellow fun circuit trough-out the area. Also a more demanding blue circuit can be found, this one also goes trough most of the area and gives the climber 57 excellent pieces to climb.
For the more talented strong climbers you can find one huge classic, hotline 7C. This is a pure 5-star problem praised by climbers. The problem is on the shady side, but somehow seems to catch surprisingly little moist.

Something to try would be:

Hotline 7C
Genhis Khan 7C
Plumes au vent 6B / Assis 7A
SR 71 6C+
Makhnovtchina 7C
La Grande Évasion 6B+

just to mention a few.
The area is very family friendly but with a baby stroller it's not the best one. Now with the best guide you can easily find the way to your favorite boulders. Go there and have fun :)