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We like Beachen

Mumsig granit på långa fina leder!
Amazing rock quality and views
you can climb even if it´s pouring down

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

Camping by the crag is not allowed (anymore). Please respect, or the crag will be closed!
Please use camp sites in town or in the valley.
From Stryn: Drive Rv 60 towards Loen. After about 6 km, you will see the cliff to your left. Park at a big lay to your left. Walk 50 meters on a path along the road to Stryn. When you pass a boulder rock, walk towards the main
wall on the path for about 2 minutes. You will find sector Vei on the right side of the parking (nearest Loen). From Loen: Drive Rv 60 towards Stryn. After about 4 km, you will see the cliff clearly on your right side. Park at a big lay to your right. The rest is the same description as from Stryn.