Cooper Roberts and Rob Guinn developed this area back in 2005 just before de Pakhuys was discovered and therefore never got much traffic.

There is nowadays Taaiboskral Extended and that direction more boulders can be found. Only a couple of problems have been opened, so there's a lot more to be projected and opened!


The area is access sensitive!

When driving towards Clanwilliam, after the Kliphuis campground and Louis G. Leopoldt's grave, after about 1.5 kilometers, take the gravel road to left, after 120 meters, turn left and drive to the end of the road.

Local people seem to be having some kind of late night action here, so... There's some rubbish around.

Take the cairned path for 300 meters and you'll find yourself at the first boulders. Passing the boulders on left, you can see more boulder on the hill, that's where the next area is.

Follow the paths for Taaiboskral Extended (250m) or The Valsalva Manoeuve (100m).