Tea Garden

The area is access sensitive!

Tea Garden still an access sensitive area. A separate daily permit can be bought from Kleinfontain campsite (aka. the tea lady).

This area is not under the permit system, please stop at Klein Kliphuis (Tea Garden Farm) and get a day pass.
Drive 500m past Klein Kliphuis (The Tea Garden) on the way down to Clanwilliam and park on the left in a large pullout. Walk back up the road and cross the fence before you get to the old cement dam. Follow the path right towards the large overhanging cave that can be seen from the road.

And please remember to behave, good manners and about R30-50 will get you climbing whereas bad manners are guaranteed to keep you out and risk getting us all banned.

Tea Garden Roof
6 routes on 4 topos
5 routes on 2 topos
3 routes on 3 topos
Black Shadow
5 routes on 2 topos
Source of Frustration
1 route on 1 topo
Plenty of space for parking.
Tea Garden
General marker for the crag