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Welcome to Terra Firma thumbnail
Rule of thumb thumbnail
Rule of thumb
8B+ Boulder at Rule of thumb
Dihedral of doom thumbnail
Emotional day out thumbnail
Junior mafia thumbnail
Junior mafia
6C Boulder at Junior mafia
No topo image available
6C Boulder at Tumbleweed
Tombstone thumbnail
6B Boulder at The Tombstone
Ginger nuts thumbnail
Ginger nuts
5+ Boulder at The Tombstone
Elemental thumbnail
4 Boulder at The Tombstone
Bliss thumbnail
5+ Boulder at The Tombstone
Kreislauf (Circulation) thumbnail
Brain rapist thumbnail
Brain rapist
8A Boulder at Brain rapist
Grit love thumbnail
Grit love
7C+ Boulder at Brain rapist
Archenemy thumbnail
7B Boulder at Archenemy
Tour lif3 thumbnail
Tour lif3
6B Boulder at Burn victim
Burn victim thumbnail
Burn victim
8A Boulder at Burn victim
Ain't my first rodeo thumbnail
Golden nugget thumbnail
Golden nugget
7C Boulder at Red Tower
Nugget thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Red Tower
The broken vow thumbnail
Brainwave thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Brainwave
Rocket pop thumbnail
Rocket pop
7C Boulder at Einfach super
Popgun thumbnail
7A Boulder at Einfach super
Einfach super (Simply super) thumbnail
Dom krag (Dumb power) thumbnail
The cat in the hat thumbnail
How low can you go? thumbnail
Julius' problem thumbnail
Deep thought thumbnail
Deep thought
6B+ Boulder at Deep thought
Death sticks thumbnail
Death sticks
7C Boulder at Death sticks
Around the clock thumbnail
Fragile canvas thumbnail
Regular, everyday, normal motherf#$ker thumbnail
Gimme sum section thumbnail
Rusty cage thumbnail
Rusty cage
6B+ Boulder at Rusty cage
Cerebral palsy thumbnail
Serval Palsy thumbnail
Wheel of retardation thumbnail
No topo image available
No topo image available
Cozy finish
6B Boulder at Cozy finish
Isabelle's problem thumbnail
Cosmic artifact thumbnail
Cosmic debris thumbnail
Animal farm thumbnail
Animal farm
5+ Boulder at The Hueco Roof
Random roof thumbnail
Random roof
6C Boulder at Random roof
Good from far but far from good thumbnail
Didi's bloc thumbnail
Didi's bloc
7B Boulder at Didi's bloc
Kili's problem thumbnail
Brain apist thumbnail
Brain apist
7C Boulder at Brain apist
The cork in my brain thumbnail
Rick got busted thumbnail
Les rageux thumbnail
Les rageux
7B+ Boulder at Les rageux
Here to stay thumbnail
Here to stay
5+ Boulder at Osteophyte
Osteophyte thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Osteophyte
Alone time thumbnail
Alone time
6C+ Boulder at Osteophyte
No cash Hanson thumbnail
No cash Hanson
6A Boulder at Osteophyte
Doris' day thumbnail
Doris' day
6A+ Boulder at Osteophyte
Gunga muffin thumbnail
Gunga muffin
6C Boulder at Gunga muffin
Whispers of quite conversation thumbnail
Glassy ass thumbnail
Glassy ass
7A Boulder at Glassy Ass
The cuboid thumbnail
The cuboid
7B Boulder at The cuboid
Are you in the circus? thumbnail
Rooibos everywhere thumbnail
180 degrees thumbnail
180 degrees
7B+ Boulder at 180 Degrees
A walk in the park thumbnail
Head in the clouds thumbnail
Aero thumbnail
7B Boulder at Aero
Hawk-eye thumbnail
7C Boulder at Aero
A sudden illness thumbnail
A sudden illness
6C Boulder at Aero
Flying solo thumbnail
Flying solo
7C+ Boulder at Flying solo
Mad hatter thumbnail
Mad hatter
3 Boulder at Mad hatter
Think of them thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Bacon and Banana  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Orange Power thumbnail
Orange Power
7B+ Boulder at Orange Power
Question 🙋  thumbnail
?  thumbnail
3 Boulder at Sector 65
? thumbnail
? Boulder at Archenemy
?  thumbnail
3 Boulder at Burn victim
?  thumbnail
3 Boulder at Sector 66
1984 thumbnail
5+ Boulder at The Hueco Roof
?  thumbnail
3 Boulder at Osteophyte
?  thumbnail
3 Boulder at Brain apist
No topo image available
3 Boulder at Sector 62
?  thumbnail
3 Boulder at Rooibos everywhere
Mini brain rapist thumbnail
Franconian pocket problem thumbnail
Yellow Ribbon  thumbnail
Golden Shower  thumbnail
The rock is ripped thumbnail
Funny pocket problem  thumbnail
Rainy day blues  thumbnail
Trump's night in Moscow  thumbnail
Jarmo's candy day  thumbnail
Crack me up, Scotty thumbnail
Cerebral Pleasure thumbnail
Cerebral Palsy Lower start thumbnail
No topo image available
Star Bucks
5 Boulder at Orange Power
No topo image available
The gallery

The area is access sensitive!

You park like to every other sector at the pass. The walk-in is 2300 meters and the time is around 25-35mins, depending on your pace and gear.

Take the sandy road and walk for 1.6 kilometers. When you're on the long straight, you'll find some cairns on the left. Take that turn and follow the path for around 700 meters. You'll arrive to the sector.

There's also a shortcut over the hill to The Section. It goes up about there where Archenemy is. Refer to the map for the path.

The sector has A LOT of potential new lines. Explore around and open new lines (remember to report them to us, so we can make the topos even better together).