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Haffa Haffa
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Noll koll
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Ninja Rap
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Projekt (2)
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Project (1)
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Climbing has been limited!

Some years there is a climbing ban from 1st January to 15th July because of nesting birds. The ban might only be valid for parts of the crag depending on the placement of the nest. Keep yourself updated and consider the ban as a norm.

Check even https://access.bergsport.se/tollsjo/.

From Göteborg take road 40 towards Borås. Leave the motorway at exit 80, Kullamotet (signs for Töllsjö/Bollebygd) and follow the signs towards Töllsjö. In Töllsjö turn left at the church (signed Morjhult 5 km). Follow the road for about 1 km and park on the right side of the road (just in front of the main crag).
The drive is about 55 km.
Huvudväggen is clearly visible from the parking lot. To get to Övre väggen follow the path past Huvud­väggen and after a while you’ll arrive at the crag. EU-väggen is easiest reached from the road.