No special access issues

E4 north from Stockholm. Turn off at exit 173 towards Danderyd / Täby. After about 1.5 km turn off towards Danderyd (road 262). Turn right at the roundabout, towards Danderyd. Left in the next roundabout. After 330 meter turn left onto Frestavägen towards Täby. Turn left onto Solängsvägen after another 330 meters. Now you follow Solängsvägen as far away as possible. Note that several roads leading up to the right are also called Solängsvägen, drive to the last one, Solängsvägen 61. Park along the road before turning area. Date parking applies if there are no other signs. At the end there is a small area on the right side with space for two cars, but its not allowed to park there anymore. A path leads directly to the cliff from there.

Public transport:
Commuter train to Sollentuna and from there bus 527. Get off at Törnskogen.


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