Valtia is a really nice big boulder with nice rock quality, mainly good holds and high quality routes. It's got benefits of both being in open and in shade. Routes from Anti-Freeze to Tombacco Monster dry relatively quickly. On the other hand from Anti-Freeze to Cienfuegos it dribbles for quite a while after heavy rains, but is also shady, making those routes good to climb also in a bit warmer temps.

There are some really nice routes on the boulder, these are editors picks:

Ruhtinatar 6C+, a really cool, continuous overhanging crack/arete
Haltia 7A, nice, slightly overhanging technical problem
Hovinarri 7A, beautiful technical, yet powerful overhanging problem
Juhannus-Sheila 6A+, a good easier problem with nice set of holds

Actually any problem here is well worth climbing, so go and pick your own favourites :)


Valtia was found accidentally by Kimmo N after some of the surrounding trees had been harvested in 2017. He spotted the boulder driving by and asked some of the local pioneers if it had been checked before. It was a big surprise that it hadn't, as there's "Retulan Kivi" boulder that has been climbed for years on the other side of the road, just some 200 metres from Valtia.

So, naturally Kimmo went to see whether the boulder's got any potential. And yes, it was clear right after arriving by the boulder that there'll be some really nice climbing there! Not that surprisingly it didn't take too long for him to pack the brushes and start working. And soon Sami H. came along to give a helping hand and the majority of the routes were climbed in spring and summer 2017.

Nowadays (spring 2020) the boulder is pretty much ready, with only a few unclimbed problems. Time will tell who'll snag the FA's for those.