Vesitorni is urban crag with a short approach. It's easy to get there in any way, there's plenty of free parking and public transport is nearby.

Moss grows quite quickly due to the north facing cliff which stays wet for quite a long time in the spring, so bring brushes. After rain, some problems may take a while to dry. The bad behavior of the townspeople brings trash and graffiti to the crag.

Anyway bouldering is good, even though the grades may seem stiff.

Recommended problems

Sector 1:
Luolamies 6B, Traverse 6C, Kattilat jakoon 5+, Route #7 6A, Riistomaa 6B+, Castlemania 7A, Castlemania low ss 7A+, V.J.K.C. 6A, Traverse 6C+, Lundia 4

Sector 2:
Syliväli 5+, Jännitysnäytelmä 6A+, Toppausharjoitus 6A, Reisihieronta 6A+, Bulge Traverse 5, Route #4 7A, Siipiväli 6C+, Pelkkää kahvaa 5+

Kiveriö Boulder:
Kiveriö Boulder 6B, Real Huukkitreeni 6B


Vesitorni is one of the first places where bouldering in Lahti has started. Over the years, many local climbers have opened and re-opened boulders here.