95.2 has got its name from the height of the hill majority of the boulders reside. The hill is 95.2 meters high. You can hike around and locate the signpost telling the height.

The boulders dry fast after the rain.

The sector has two orange circuits. The one which is more east, has lots of low boulders, so it should be quite suitable for children.

The red circuit is very nice, but be prepared, it will tax your strength :) The blue circuit is also nice.

This circuit has a lot of nice not-so-high boulders, good landings and very nice areas for families to stroll around. Even though the approach might take a while and there's sand on the nice spots for children to play on.

What would be the highlights... Retour aux Sources of course. If you like dynos, go and jump the Ange Naif. If you like slabs, there are a couple of nice ones at Kansas City -boulder.