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The area is access sensitive!

⚠️ See description section in order to learn more about rules for legal bouldering in Bor. ⚠️

Bor bouldering crag lies in Sudety mountains in Czechia on the north slope of Błędne Skały mountain. To the east from Czech town Hronov and to the north from Polish town Kudowa-Zdrój.

🅟 🚗 [driving]
For the shortest approach path choose parking space on the Polish part of the border. You can get there by driving from the town of Kudowa-Zdrój: take a turn in the town center to Aleja Jana Pawła II street and go to Czermna village. Stick to the main road. You will be going along Tadeusza Kościuszki street for 5 km all the way up to Pstrążna village and then take a first turn to the right to Bukowina. After a few sharp turns going up you will see a big building which is a hospital for children. 100 meters further, on the right side of the road, you will find a small parking place.

A green hiking trail to Błędne Skały starts here, walk it up to the border (600 meters, it takes around 20 minutes). Now on the Czech side of the border you can see the first rocks to climb (Celnice, Koktejl).

⚠️ Do not camp nor stay overnight in the parking place!
⚠️ Do not climb on the Polish side of the border! There is a National Park and climbing is strictly forbidden.

Other options:
1. Parking place in the village of Machov in Czechia. From there you will have to walk along the blue hiking trail all the way up to Bor bouldering crag (2km, it takes around 1 hour).

2. Parking place Błędne Skały - Poland: Drive from Kudowa-Zdrój with the road 387 in the direction of Karłów village. After 6 km of winding road there will be a big parking place in the forest on the right side of the road. From this area you can still drive closer to Bor by turning left to Błędne Skały (eng. Errant Rocks) which is a big tourist attraction and the parking there is paid during a summer season (15 pln - around 4 euro).