No special access issues

Burbage South lays in the Peak District National Park and, although there are no serious access issues, care and respect should be exercised at all times.
Approach: Park in grassy lay-bys on the A6187 Sheffield-to-Hathersage Road, approximately 150 - 200m uphill from the Fox House Inn. Use a stile to cross the wall then follow a well-marked footpath across the moor (boggy after rain) passing a second stile, before joining a major path running along the top of the crag (8 minutes to here). Directly below the point where the two paths join lays The Quarries area: descend an open gully to the left of the block (looking out) to reach the base of the crag. The main crag (The Boggart and Nosferatu areas) lies between 100m and 300m distance of the left-hand end The Quarries area and is best reached by staying on the upper path then dropping down (12-15 minutes from the parking area).


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email