R.V. thumbnail
5 Boulder at Roysten Vasey
Legz Akimbo thumbnail
Legz Akimbo
7A Boulder at Roysten Vasey
Project CBD thumbnail
Project CBD
? Boulder at Roysten Vasey
Splint thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Roysten Vasey
Bab's Cabs thumbnail
Bab's Cabs
7A Boulder at Roysten Vasey
You're my wife now thumbnail
The Curse of Karrit Poor thumbnail
Aqua Vitae thumbnail
Aqua Vitae
7A+ Boulder at Roysten Vasey
The Contents thumbnail
The Contents
7C+ Boulder at Roysten Vasey
The Handbag thumbnail
The Handbag
8A+ Boulder at Roysten Vasey
Papa Lazarou thumbnail
Papa Lazarou
7B Boulder at Roysten Vasey
Herr Lip thumbnail
Herr Lip
6B Boulder at Roysten Vasey
Sgt General Idea thumbnail
Split thumbnail
6A Boulder at Split Boulder
Close to Home thumbnail
Close to Home
6C+ Boulder at Split Boulder
Tree Traverse thumbnail
Tree Traversty thumbnail
Tree Slab thumbnail
Trip Hop thumbnail
Tree Corner thumbnail
A time in your life thumbnail
Warmup thumbnail
Left Slab thumbnail
Hamstrung thumbnail
Middle face thumbnail
Left Arete thumbnail
Adrian Will Sort It Out thumbnail
Triangle Quality thumbnail
#1 Variation thumbnail
Traverse on lip thumbnail
City Silhouette thumbnail
Gaston Roof thumbnail
Gaston Roof
6C+ Boulder at Big Bad Block
Forgotten in Time thumbnail
Typical Guy problem thumbnail
Bold Moves thumbnail
Bold Moves
6C+ Boulder at Big Bad Block
Something or Other thumbnail
Visiting German thumbnail
Various 5s thumbnail
Adrian Kohler Sorts it Out Again thumbnail
Throw me up a river thumbnail
No topo image available
Open Project
7A+ Boulder at River Boulder
City Straight up thumbnail
Cross Purpose thumbnail
Silent Ann aka Spaintrotting thumbnail
Rather say Nothing (Damnation) thumbnail
Purgatory thumbnail
Maybe Today thumbnail
This call is for you: it's your life calling thumbnail
Gehenna thumbnail
Purpose thumbnail
Hans Solo thumbnail
Hans Solo
4 Boulder at Slab Boulder
Counterproductive thumbnail
Stay with It aka Unproductive thumbnail
Productive thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Slab Boulder
Night Light thumbnail
Night Light
6C Boulder at Slab Boulder
Avoid the Light thumbnail
Avoid the Light
6A Boulder at Slopey Sam
Toward the White thumbnail
Toward the White
6C+ Boulder at Slopey Sam
Light work thumbnail
Light work
6B+ Boulder at Slopey Sam
Between the dark and the light thumbnail
Motion of the Ocean thumbnail
Quiet Minds thumbnail
Afternoon Delight (Reverse) thumbnail
Afternoon Delight thumbnail
The Nooner thumbnail
The Nooner
7B Boulder at Nooner Boulder
Kung Fu Flavour thumbnail
Below the Lights thumbnail
Under the Radar thumbnail
Unknown thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Below the Lights
Unknown thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Below the Lights
It's 4 but proper if you are 4 thumbnail
Like a Mini Big Boulder thumbnail
Dart thumbnail
Drat thumbnail
P.L. Traverse thumbnail
World Cup thumbnail
World Cup
6C+ Boulder at World Cup Boulder
The Matrix thumbnail
Registered Rhymenecologist thumbnail
Schadenfreude thumbnail
Schrodinger thumbnail
Fat mountain bikers and flat mountain climbers thumbnail
Scaring the c*&p out of cyclists thumbnail
Scaring the c*&p out of myself thumbnail
Schradenfreude warmup thumbnail
Done thumbnail
7B Boulder at Training Boulder
Fresh eyes No skin thumbnail
Last Train to Lhasa thumbnail
Northern Exposure thumbnail
The Pass thumbnail
The Pass
3+ Boulder at Training Boulder
Twilo thumbnail
6A Boulder at Training Boulder
Limelight thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Training Boulder
Done Rare thumbnail
Done Rare
6A Boulder at Training Boulder
Done Medium Rare thumbnail
Clubbing in NYC in the 1990s thumbnail
Done Well thumbnail
Done Well
6C+ Boulder at Training Boulder
Sasha and Digweed thumbnail
The Great Undoing (Reverse "Done") thumbnail
Low Seam thumbnail
Low Seam
6C+ Boulder at Low Seam Boulder
Endless Potential vs Indiscriminate Choices thumbnail
Floodlight thumbnail
6A Boulder at Slab Boulder
Arete thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Triangle Boulder
Various 5s #2 thumbnail
Tree Time is at Three thumbnail
Move to Improve thumbnail
Tri Tree thumbnail
Flying Circus thumbnail
Flying Circus
6C Boulder at Circus
Deception Guaranteed thumbnail
Chubby Wabba thumbnail
Chubby Wabba
6A Boulder at Circus
Knobkierie thumbnail
6A Boulder at Circus
The Visionary thumbnail
You're under Arete thumbnail
A long way to 6A thumbnail
Trad Traverse thumbnail
Stand Close to Home thumbnail
Badlands thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Big Bad Block
Burnout thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Blackened Boulder
2 thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Blackened Boulder
Firewall thumbnail
Project ? thumbnail
Firestarter thumbnail
Careless Tourist thumbnail
Barren Land thumbnail
Project ? thumbnail
Matchstick thumbnail
Fire it up thumbnail
Take the chance thumbnail
Chicken Cannibalism thumbnail
Camelthorn thumbnail
Project ? thumbnail
Project ?
7B Boulder at Low Seam Boulder
Corner Jugs thumbnail
Corner Jugs
4+ Boulder at Big Bad Block
Master Fornicator thumbnail
Brownian Motion thumbnail
Brownian Motion
7A Boulder at Fornicator
Anaesthesia thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Fornicator
Humpty Dumpty thumbnail
Humpty Dumpty
6B+ Boulder at Fornicator
Battle of the Golden Spurs thumbnail
Childhood Wonders thumbnail
Hour of Honour thumbnail
King of the Castle thumbnail
The Righteous Man thumbnail
Slingshot to the Moon thumbnail
Kahlua Kahones thumbnail
Starfish Aliens Ambush thumbnail
Atlas Heavy Burden thumbnail
Atlas Heavy Burden
5+ Boulder at Circus
Kayla Highway thumbnail
Kayla Highway
6A Boulder at Circus
Tbc thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at River Boulder
No time for Nostalgia thumbnail
Tbc thumbnail
6C Boulder at River Boulder
Tbc thumbnail
7B Boulder at River Boulder
Tbc thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Big Bad Block
No topo image available
No topo image available
6A+ Boulder at Tree Traverse Boulder
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CBD City Bouldering District Cape Town

The area is access sensitive!

Almost all the paths are well established or wide jeep tracks (Deer Park areas), except for The Terraces which is badly overgrown, and High Lights boulders which need cairns but walk-in is on good boulder hopping. Most problems are close to the main paths.

Leave absolutely no trace. All vegetation is ‘fynbos’ and protected. Climbing access throughout Table Mountain National Park is always a negotiated balance and can be undone anytime.

Keep your dogs under control - Schadenfreude and various Deer Park boulders for example are on the mountain biker's jeep track and dogs can get territorial once settled.

Sunset is a magic time; sun goes down over the neck toward Camps Bay and it is still light enough in summer to climb until 8pm making after work sessions quite viable; with the city lights below.

Even when windy and the Table Mountain ‘Table Cloth’ clouds pour over the mountain it can be surprisingly sheltered as the wind goes over the top before hitting Vredehoek and Oranjezicht; I’ve had some of the best evenings with no-one on the mountain because of apparent wind below but it’s been perfect on the foothills.

Oh and don’t stand on snakes. They’re probably poisonous puffadders or cape cobras. Look before you step. If you do phone (0861) 555-777 Tygerberg Poison Care Unit or / and (083) 244-5194 and try provide a description of the snake.