Routes on Escalera Arabe

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We like Escalera Arabe

Stunning views when the sun starts to set.

Activities on this crag

Escalera Arabe

The area is access sensitive!

Please don't drive by car into the Nature Park/Paraje Natural (Forest).
For conservation reasons some parts of Escalera Suiza are blocked with a fence. Please respect the environment!

🚗 Parking at the main upper parking, El Chorro town or Las Encantadas parking. Parking on the side of the roads in the nature park is not allowed where prohibited with signs.

🚶 Follow the track towards the forest, take the first track left down into the forest. By the big S-curve take the trail right side (marked with big stone piles)

General rules:
🦅 Respect the nature
🏞 Follow the established paths
⛔️ Please don't park your car in the nature park
🚯 Take all rubbish with you including papers
🔥 Don't light fires