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Rinconcito Ye Ye

The area is access sensitive!

You can approach Rinconcito Ye Ye the same way as either Escalera Arabe or Serena. See map for GPS trails.

Escalera Arabe approach:
🚶 Walk from the fountain / El Chorro village upwads in the valley, past Escalera Arabe. From the Escalere arabe path that diverges from the road, continue the road one turn to the left, one turn to the right and still some 300 meters. The cave of Rinconcito Ye Ye can be seen on the left hand side.
🚗 Please don't drive by car into the Nature Park/Paraje Natural.
🅿️ Parking at Las Encantadas.

Serena approach:
🚗 From the El Chorro village drive towards Valle de Abdalajis, past the Las Encantadas cliff and turn left at the green sign "Sendero Sierra de Huma". Pass the Rocabella crag.
🅿️ Park at the El Chorro hiking trail parking.
🚶 From the parking lot, follow the road marked as GR249 towards El Chorro. Take a left after 250 m and continue straigh forward past the two next intersections, passing sector Serena. Sector Rinconcito Ye Ye is on the right side of the road.