The area is access sensitive!

🚗 Parking: 1) At the reservoir below El Chorro town, 2) sector Albercones (road in bad condition) and 3) at Las Encantadas crag. Parking on the side of the roads in the nature park is not allowed where prohibited with signs.

🚶 All sectors are accessible by foot via the road that weaves through the nature park and a path that leads from sector Castrojo all the way to sector Placas de la Cantera, in front of the cliff.

⛰ The crag is situated in a nature park.

General rules:
🦅 Respect the nature
🏞 Follow the established paths
⛔️ Please don't park your car in the nature park
🚯 Take all rubbish with you including papers
🔥 Don't light fires

18 routes on 2 topos
21 routes on 2 topos
7 routes on 0 topos
22 routes on 4 topos
El Olimpo
16 routes on 2 topos
Los Albercones
16 routes on 5 topos
Momia / Black Cave
38 routes on 4 topos
11 routes on 2 topos
Placas de la Cantera
12 routes on 1 topo
Poema de Roca
55 routes on 3 topos
Sin Futuro
13 routes on 1 topo
35 routes on 5 topos
26 routes on 3 topos
14 routes on 2 topos
⛔️ Los Albercones (banned routes)
5 routes on 0 topos
Parking space
Fountain parking
Parking space
El chorro free parking
General marker for the crag