Routes on South Grottan

287 boulder

We like South Grottan

Great addition to the Geta lineup!
Lots of Long and mid-hard routes in roofs. Also several good sloper problems. Wide variation of different problems that have unique styles in Åland scale at least. Good addition to already excellent Åland area.

Activities on this crag

South Grottan

The area is access sensitive!

Remember to pay the optional road fee to mailbox in Grottan parking area. the keeping the road open is just as optional as paying the fee. Payment box can be fount at northernmost parking marked on South grottan map.
No open fire is allowed. Also as camping is not allowed in Åland - do not camp or perform Vanlife at parking of Climbing sectors -as any problems may end up closing the whole sector not just camping.

NEW: The speed limit in the beginning of Gravel road goes through the family's yard and has a 30 km/h speed limit. The limit is not been respected lately and the house owner is saying he will put a gate to block the route if the behavior does not change.