📚 Gjerdalen is also covered in the guidebook "Arctic Circle Bouldering" from Nov. 2019.

Gjerdalen, also known as Magic Valley, is one of the most beautiful alpine bouldering spots you’ll find in Nordland, and probably in Norway. The sectors are located above the treeline at between 400-600 meters elevation, and tall granite peaks and minor glaciers loom above. The bouldering is mostly on free standing blocks of very good quality. There is a huge number of unclimbed boulders that just need to be discovered. There was a big rockslide at Reinokstind in 2010 that destroyed some developed boulders, but also made new ones. If you only have a few days here then the Lower Valley sector is a good place to start as it is the biggest and includes lines of all grades.

Routes that lack propper names have been given a short code indicating the sector, boulder and route number referring to the printed guidebook. (eg. "LV 4.1" = Lower Valley - boulder nr. 4 - route nr. 1).

At the time of writing, there is no phone connection in the valley.

👶 Most of the sectors in the upper valley are child frindly as the approaches are either short or simple. Only sector waterfall is somewhat stroller friendly. For the other sectors a child carrier is recommended.


Some of the first recorded bouldering was done in the beginning of the 2000s by Mats Peder Mosti and friends of his. Probably most of the activity in the valley have gone by unnoticed through the years. Gjerdalen has though had its visits from many a strong climber. Most notably Adam Ondra put up Hand Jive (8B+) in 2012 whilst in Northern Norway filming the movie Change. Unfortunately over the years the focus has been more on sending rather than documenting and so many lines must now be lost to history.