Mostly overhanging and compact good quality 10-meters high crag with a couple of fun routes. Perhaps most of local interest, but this small crag can be an okay alternative on hot summer days as its facing north. Also fun with a spectacular 2-meters roof. And maybe you as a Stockholm climber at least once want to try that spectacular route (El gringo, 7b+) that goes straight through that roof.

There are people living above the edge of the cliff, so keep the sound level at a low grade and show consideration. Do not walk around the crag to set up top ropes, as there is an open view into the living rooms of the houses above.
Some routes are a bit dirty at the top, so bring a brush. There is a very nice swimming area with sandy beach 200 meters from the crag.

Environment: North east facing. A lot of brushwood (sly) around the crag.


Unknown in old guidebooks. Johan Luhr received tips on this rock and has largely developed it himself.