Kaarinan kalliot

The area is access sensitive!

Kaarinan kalliot is only 20 min drive from Tampere city center. From Tampere, head for the E63 road towards Jyväskylä. From Linnainmaa junction, stay on E63 for 16,1 km, then turn left on to Norojärventie. There is a boom (= puomi), but it is always open. Park 20 m after the boom next to the turning loop, leave the road and the loop open. Parking fits multiple cars, about 8. Use the designated parking, other parking areas are forbidden by the land owner. If the parking is full, you can park just across the E63 on Säynäjärventie, where many hikers leave their cars.

From the parking area all of the sectors can be easily accessed by first following the private road, then the popular hiking path, Kaarinanpolku. Sector Scorchio is also suitable for kids, as it is next to a good path, has a relatively flat open area in sun with trees for shade and only one moderately high rock face. The other sectors may require more parental surveillance (more demanding approach, high cliffs, sketchy rocks, swamps etc.). Trail is shown on the map.

Let's maintain good relations with the land owner, hikers and other people in the area: Don't litter and brush off tick marks. Fire making forbidden. If you need to make a fire, make it in the Laavu (lean-to-shelter) that can be found along Kaarinan polku.

For new lines / first ascends: Land owner has NOT given permission to brush any other rocks in the area for the time being. New lines are welcome, but unnecessary combinations / eliminates or confusing lines will not be added. Part of the area is also a natural reserve. If in doubt, contact Rami first.

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Parking. Leave the loop open, and don't block the road. The boom on E63 is open, you don't have to drive the long way north
Kaarinan kalliot
General marker for the crag