Silvermine Crags are the most popular crags on the Peninsula. There are routes for almost everyone, except the very hard core. On a good day you can be sure to find large crowds at Lower Silvermine and to a lesser extent, Blaze of Glory. Main Crag is probably the most intimidating, as it is high and steep enough not to be called a slab. It also has the best sustained climbing, with the smaller, but not to be underestimated Silverminor crag tucked beneath it. Generally, Fawlty Towers escapes the crowds as it is the furthest crag and there are not many routes under grade 21. The rock is good, hard sandstone and the climbing is predominantly vertical with bulgy sections on some routes and steeper (roofy) climbing at Fawlty Towers. It is also a great place to picnic or braai around the reservoir after a day at the crags.