No special access issues

There is no climbing specific acces restrictions as of 2021. But throughout the year there will be roadworks due to the construction of a new hydroplant further up the valley. There can be heavy machinery on the road every day througout the week so be very aware of where you park.

The only sectors that have sort of clear footpath is the ones starting with sector "Nord og Ned" and up hill from there to the boulder Morkel. For all other boulders you just have to trust the GPS coordinates.

The area is not particularly child friendly, due to rugged terrain. But for some of the blocks nearer the road it can probably work out.

Camping is not alllowed along the lake. Use the camping ground in Straumen.

Poluting is absolutely forbidden as always, but this area is especially sensitive as the lake is a fresh water source.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email