Nosey Parker Area
Nosey Parker Area 1 / 4
  • Low level L-R traverse passing under Nosey finishing up Short Side. CD B14 P1
  • Sit start using left arete and right side pull. Climb up to first break and traverse right through the break to top out as for Parker.
  • A stiff pull from under the roof using the left arete and right hand side pull. Finish direct on easier holds. CD B14 P12a
  • Climb the wall next to the hilly mound from standing. TC A15 P1a
  • SDS Eliminate - using low break and flake only climb out and cross into flake then up the wall on easier holds. CD B14 P11 & TC A15 P1
  • The narrow wall between Why Crack and the hillside starting on the obvious side pull flake - uses anything to gain the top. CD B14 P12
  • Eliminate to Side Pull - use the flake only. CD B14 P13
  • The line between Side Pull and Why Crack from a stand start at the horizontal break. climb the wall direct. lovely warm up/stretch out.
  • SDS from lowest holds climb e blunt arete LHS of Why Crack - using a clever heel-toe lock in the crack. Easier once the horizontal break is reached. TC A15 P2
  • The crack from standing.
  • Stand start as for Why Crack but trends right to the two stacked blocks and tackles them direct.
  • Starts as Why Crack - trend up and right around the stacked blocks to finish via the scoop.
  • SDS climb the crack.
  • Sit start on the flakey wall beneath the overlap, make your way onto the right arete and up as for the stand.
  • SDS under roof to finish up Lady Penelope. TC A15 P4 (c)
  • The right arete from standing. Smears on the face and a dynamic (static ways are possible) move to the small hold on the scoop and up.
  • SDS under the shelf then climb the nose.
  • As Parker but finish rightward on the arête
  • Tackle the wide overhanging nose from a stand start hugging the aretes. Easier topped out to it's RHS but can be tackled direct - though the grade stays the same.
Nosey Parker Area
Nosey Parker Area 2 / 4
  • The left side of the slab and arete
  • Centre of the slab through the ledge CD B14 P23
  • Problem (g) YMC guide Pg 585. A meander accross the slabs ledge starting at the right arete, then mantel up to finish on the top of the left arete.
  • RH arete of the slab. CD B14 P24
  • Right to left traverse without the ledge
  • The right arete of the slab climbed on its right hand side. Committing above the block but good compression on the arete.
Nosey Parker Area
Nosey Parker Area 3 / 4
  • Back of the slab below Nosey - awkward sit start to climb the arete using a pocket and sloper up near the apex.
Nosey Parker Area
Nosey Parker Area 4 / 4
  • SDS climb the arete on its left
  • SDS - climb the arete on its right. Start on lowest holds Pinch arete then gain the two slots along the break above before gaining the top.

There are 2 routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image. See full list of routes from Nosey Parker Area .